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In spite of the fact that vision loss and blindness from diabetes is largely preventable it is still one of the most common causes of serious vision loss in the United States.

Rapid changes such as severely high or low blood sugar can be damaging to the eyes even over short periods of time but more commonly the damage is done by milder abnormalities in the blood sugar that cause a slow and gradual deterioration of the delicate tissues of the eyes.

Many diseases of the eyes are more common in diabetics such as cataracts, glaucoma.  Deterioration of the blood vessels serving the nerve tissue in the eyes is the one that most frequently results in permanent vision loss.

It is true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In this case, careful attention to blood sugar levels, diet, exercise, avoiding smoking and following your family doctor’s instructions for the control of any problems of your general health such as high blood pressure. These measures are all very helpful in reducing the chance of damage to your eyes and other vital organs.

Reporting any deterioration of your vision to your eye doctor is very important. Regular eye examinations are recommended at least once a year for every diabetic and those at higher risk of problems need to be seen even more frequently.

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