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Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disease which primarily effects the Central part of your field of vision, the area of vision which is most critical for Reading and distinguishing small objects. It comes in two forms, one being a very gradual deterioration of the vision and the other being a very rapid and severe loss of vision occurring over a matter of only a few days.

There is no true cure for macular generation but there are several preventative measures which can reduce the risk of damaging effects of macular degeneration  The treatments for the more damaging type of Macular degeneration have greatly improved in recent years, and though not perfect have done much to preserve functional vision for many people.

Preventative strategies for those at risk for macular degeneration include sensible measures such as quitting smoking, proper diet, exercise and attention to your general health. Specific dietary measures and vitamin supplements have been shown to be helpful for individual suffering from this disease. Your doctor will discuss those that are the most helpful for your particular needs.

Your doctor will set up regular examinations and also instruct you on ways to detect the early changes in your vision that must be reported in order to allow early and potentially more successful treatment of the more severe forms of macular degeneration.

Regular examinations and careful monitoring of the eyes are the key to ensuring the best possible outcome for your vision over the long-term.

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