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Toric Lens Implants

Do some things not look right? Have you consistently experienced blurred vision? Are eye glasses or contact lenses an inconvenience in your life? If you’re experiencing vision problems, you may want to consider toric lens implants.

What Are Toric Lens Implants?

Toric lens implants are a surgical option that can correct abnormalities in the cornea. By addressing these cornea abnormalities, problems such as blurry vision can be corrected. Toric lens implants can help reduce or eliminate dependency on eyeglasses or the standard contact lens.

What Can Toric Lens Implants Help Treat?

Toric lens implants can help patients see clearer. Specifically, toric lens implants can help treat the following vision problems:

  • Astigmatism
  • Cataracts

How Do Toric Lens Implants Help With Astigmatism?

To understand how toric lens implants help treat astigmatism, it’s necessary to understand, and therefore be able to identify, what is astigmatism. Astigmatism is a common vision problem that can result in distorted, blurred vision.

The severity of your astigmatism is important in deciding the necessity of corrective surgery. While many people experience minor astigmatism, others may find their astigmatism noticeably affects their lifestyle. Toric lens implants help correct astigmatisms by rectifying the cornea being misshaped. The improper shape of the cornea is what causes this astigmatism.

Eye Surgeons of CNY’s expert ophthalmologists in Syracuse, NY are experienced in identifying the severity of astigmatism. For an evaluation of your astigmatism and to see if toric lens implants are right for correcting your astigmatism, contact us for an appointment.

How Do Toric Lens Implants Help With Cataracts?

Cataracts are a type of clouding of the eye’s lens which results in distorted vision. Cataracts are a common vision problem, but can be problematic depending on the individual and severity. Toric lens implants are a form of cataract surgery. Toric lens implants help relieve cataract symptoms by removing the eye’s cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear, artificial lens in the form of a toric implant.

A Closer Look At Toric Lens Implants

Eye Surgeons of CNY’s team of highly regarded ophthalmologists can evaluate:

  • The severity of your vision problems
  • Which, if any, corrective actions should be taken
  • Your need for toric lens implants

For help with your astigmatism or cataracts, and to see if toric lens implants is medically suitable for your needs, contact us.

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