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Femto Laser

Femto lasers are a versatile medical technology that can provide patients with a better life and clearer vision. Femto laser surgery can resolve a variety of eye problems, including cataracts, farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism.

What Is A Femto Laser?

Femto lasers, clinically known as femtosecond lasers, produce short bursts of light in the form of a laser. The time between bursts is so miniscule that it’s measured in femtoseconds. The superbly fast operation of femto lasers ensures accuracy and safety in laser eye surgery.

Femto Lasers For Cataract Surgery

Femto lasers allow for superior precision and safety that provide ophthalmologists with surgical access to the cornea. Use of femto lasers for cataract surgery is well established, with the procedure being in practice for over a decade. Femto lasers have successfully been applied to remove cataracts from the eye. Femto lasers provide more accuracy and reliability than other forms of cataract surgery.

If you have problematic cataracts, contact us to set up an appointment to see if cataract surgery with femto lasers is right for you.

Use of Femto Lasers In LASIK Eye Surgery

Femto lasers are frequently used as part of the LASIK eye surgery procedure. Femto lasers are used in LASIK eye surgeries for increased precision. Coupled with a more accurate procedure, the use of femto lasers in LASIK eye surgery can help reduce certain complications, providing greater safety for the procedure.

To learn more about how LASIK eye surgery can help treat hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism, look into our laser vision correction services.

How Eye Surgeons of CNY Can Help

Femto lasers are a powerful medical technology. However, without proper care, femto lasers can cause complications. Eye Surgeons of CNY’s team of experienced surgeons includes some of the best ophthalmologists in Syracuse, NY. Our expert doctors have years of experience in using femto lasers as a critical part of surgery.

Discover the difference femto laser eye surgery can make; contact us today for an appointment.

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